Golden Jubilee website(CVASU)

The Golden Jubilee website for CVASU celebrates Bangladesh's 50th independence anniversary, featuring a Liberation War timeline, Bangabandhu's life events, a photo gallery, videos, and an interactive quiz for students.

core features .


Home - Top Slider, Title & Description

Immerse yourself in the spirit of celebration with captivating visuals on our top slider, complemented by titles and descriptions that capture the essence of our Golden Jubilee.


Menu Items, Masonry Image Gallery

Navigate through the journey of fifty glorious years with ease through our well-organized menu items and explore memorable moments in our masonry image gallery.


Articles Slider

Discover stories, achievements, and reflections in our dynamic articles slider, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of experiences from our members and community.


Video Thumbnail, Disclaimer, Footer Content

Engage with the celebration through video highlights, explore additional content with thumbnails, and find important disclaimers and footer content for quick reference.


Timeline Page - Chronological History

Take a stroll through time with our Timeline page, offering a chronological overview of key events, milestones, and memories from each year.


Articles Page - Liberation War Contributions

Delve into the profound contributions of CVASU members during the Liberation War through our dedicated Articles page, honoring the commitment and dedication of our community


Take Part in Quiz

Challenge yourself and others by participating in the Golden Jubilee Quiz, a fun and interactive way to celebrate our collective knowledge.


Recognition Page

Acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of individuals and groups on our Recognition page, honoring those who have played a significant role in our journey.


Photo Gallery, Video Library

Immerse yourself in the visual journey of our Golden Jubilee through our extensive photo gallery and video library, capturing the spirit and memories of each milestone.



Experience the power of our website backend, enabling seamless quiz management. Upload questions from CSV, randomize question sets, and engage in an interactive quiz experience.


Generate Result, Generate Report

Get instant insights into quiz performance with our result generation and reporting features, allowing you to relive the celebration and share achievements.

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