Educational Institute Web Portal for CVASU

Embark on a transformative journey towards educational excellence with our sophisticated solution meticulously crafted for the corporate demands of modern educational institutions.

core features .


Home - Top Slider, Title & Description

Engage with captivating visuals on our top slider, accompanied by informative titles and descriptions introducing you to the heart of our educational community.


Menu Items, Masonry Image Gallery

Navigate effortlessly through our well-organized menu items and explore the visual delights of our masonry image gallery, showcasing the vibrant life on our campus.


Articles Slider

Stay informed and inspired with our dynamic articles slider, featuring insights, achievements, and updates from the CVASU community.


Video, Thumbnail, Disclaimer, Footer Content

Immerse yourself in our educational journey through videos, browse through enticing thumbnails, and find important disclaimers and footer content for quick reference.


Timeline Page - Chronological History

Explore the rich history of our institute with the Timeline page, which offers a chronological overview featuring significant events, dates, descriptions, and captivating images.


Articles Page - Liberation War Contributions

Delve into the profound contributions of CVASU members during the Liberation War through our dedicated Articles page, honoring the bravery and dedication of our community.


Quiz Page

Test your knowledge and enhance your learning experience with our Quiz page, offering thought-provoking questions that challenge and inspire.


Information Form

Stay connected by filling out our information form, ensuring you receive the latest updates and news from CVASU directly.


Take Part in Quiz

Engage actively in your learning journey by participating in quizzes that cover a diverse range of topics and subjects.


Recognition Page

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our institute and its members on the Recognition page.


Photo Gallery, Video Library

Explore our educational journey through a curated gallery and video library, offering a visual narrative of excellence and innovation


Website Backend, Quiz

Experience the power of our website backend, enabling seamless quiz management. Upload questions from CSV, randomize question sets, and analyze results efficiently.


Generate Results and Report

Get instant insights into quiz performance with our result generation and reporting features.

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Educational Institute Web Portal for CVASU