BPCMS for Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology

The Post Cadre Management System is designed to store and manage our client's data processes and enhance productivity.

core features .


Data Entry Forms

Easily input and manage your data with our intuitive and customizable forms.


Data Showcasing List

View your data in an organized list format for quick access and review.


Data Showcasing of Details

Dive deep into your data with detailed views that provide comprehensive information at a glance.


Search and Filter

Quickly find the information you need with powerful search and filtering capabilities.


Notification System

Stay informed with real-time notifications that keep you updated on important changes and activities.


Activity Log and History

Track and monitor all activities within the system for enhanced accountability and transparency.


Scheduled Auto-Backup

Protect your data with automated backups that ensure you never lose important information.


Manual Backup

Perform manual backups whenever needed to keep your data secure and up-to-date.


Website Security

Rest easy knowing your data is protected with advanced security measures to safeguard against threats.

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