Car Boy Inventory Management

A inventory management system designed specially for automotive workshop.

core features .


Warehouse and Rack Organization

Efficiently organize your inventory with our intuitive warehouse and rack management system, ensuring easy access and optimal space utilization.


SKU Tracking

Keep tabs on every item with unique Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), allowing for precise inventory control and tracking from procurement to sale.


Low Stock Notifications

Never run out of crucial items again. Receive instant alerts when stock levels drop below predefined thresholds, enabling timely replenishment and preventing disruptions to your operations.


Supplier Profiles

Seamlessly manage your supplier relationships with detailed profiles, facilitating quick access to contact information, pricing details, and order history.


Stock Entry

Simplify the process of adding new inventory to your system with our intuitive stock entry feature, reducing manual errors and saving valuable time.


Stock Deduction

Effortlessly deduct items from your inventory with just a few clicks, ensuring accurate record-keeping and precise inventory management.


Own Usage Item Tracking

Easily track items used for internal purposes, such as maintenance or repairs, ensuring transparency and accountability in your inventory management.


Daily Stock Reports

Gain valuable insights into your inventory performance with comprehensive daily stock reports, enabling informed decision-making and proactive inventory management.

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