Rangamati Land Registration

Registering lands is just a few clicks away for the people of Rangamati.

core features .


Registration Forms:

Effortlessly gather and manage data through intuitive registration forms tailored to your specific needs. Customizable fields ensure flexibility, adapting seamlessly to diverse requirements.


Search and Filter

Navigate your database swiftly with powerful search and filter options. Locate information promptly, enhancing your ability to respond promptly to client queries or regulatory requests.


Setup Modules

Adapt our system to your unique requirements effortlessly with customizable setup modules. Tailor the software to suit the specific needs of your projects and clientele.


Deed Editor

Refine and edit generated deeds effortlessly with our intuitive Deed Editor. Ensure that every detail aligns precisely with your requirements before finalizing documents.


Role-Based Access:

Control access levels seamlessly. Assign roles and permissions based on responsibilities, ensuring that each team member interacts with the system within their designated scope.


Data Edit Options

Maintain data accuracy with robust editing options. Make updates, corrections, and amendments easily, ensuring that your records remain current and error-free.


Data Analytics

Leverage the power of data analytics to gain insights into your operations. Make informed decisions backed by real-time data, fostering continual improvement and efficiency.


Activity Graph

Track user activities and system interactions through our dynamic Activity Graph. Stay informed about every action within the platform, enhancing transparency and accountability.


Report Generation

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports that offer valuable insights into your operations. Use these reports to assess performance, compliance, and areas for improvement.

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