Product showcasing system for First-One Accessories Industries Ltd

We redefine product showcasing through our innovative and feature-rich system. Explore a seamless and immersive experience with the following key features

core features .


Company Profile Page

Dive into the essence of your business with a dedicated page highlighting your company's mission, values, and unique selling points.


Company Officials Pages (Accessible from Visiting Card QR Code)

Streamline communication and connection with key company officials through an efficient QR code system linked to personalized profile pages.


Company Approvals and Documents Page

Showcase your company's credibility and transparency by providing easy access to approvals, certifications, and essential documents.


Product Showcasing – Product Type, Categories

rganize and present your diverse range of products systematically through intuitive categorization, making it easy for visitors to explore and find what they need.


Product Showcasing – Single Product Details

Elevate the shopping experience with detailed pages for each product, featuring comprehensive information, specifications, and visuals applicable to all individual products.


Buyers Page

ailored for buyers, this page provides a seamless interface to explore products, make inquiries, and connect with your company.


Suppliers Page

Empower suppliers by offering a dedicated space to showcase their products and establish meaningful business connections.


Extra Pages – Created by Admins

Enjoy the flexibility of creating additional pages from the backend dashboard, allowing your team to adapt and respond to evolving business needs.


Contact Us

acilitate easy communication by providing a dedicated page for inquiries, feedback, and general contact information.


Search Product

Enhance user navigation with a powerful product search feature, ensuring that visitors quickly find the products they're looking for.


RFQ (Request for Quotation)

Simplify the procurement process with a streamlined RFQ system, making it convenient for buyers to request quotes.


Chatbot Integration (WhatsApp/Messenger/Other Chatbot)

Foster real-time engagement and support with integrated chatbots, providing instant assistance and information.


Upload Product Category

Empower vendors to effortlessly categorize and showcase their products through an intuitive product category upload feature.


Upload Product

Simplify the product upload process, allowing vendors to showcase their offerings with ease.


Auto Backup

Ensure the safety and security of your data with an automatic backup system, offering peace of mind for both administrators and users.


Activity Log

Keep track of important actions and changes within the system with a comprehensive activity log, promoting transparency and accountability.

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