Shipping Agency Office Management System for SeaKing Marine

Our solution ensures maximum productivity and flawless, faster business operation with less manpower.

core features .


MLC, Web Frontend (Website)

Ensure compliance with Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) standards and showcase your maritime expertise through a user-friendly website frontend.


HR, Attendance, Shifting, Allowance

Simplify Human Resources tasks with modules for attendance tracking, shifting schedules, and managing allowances.



Automate payroll processing, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for your maritime staff.


Role-Based Access (Dynamic)

Tailor access levels dynamically based on roles, ensuring data security and streamlined workflows for different team members.


Individual Dashboard for Each Member of the Company

Provide personalized dashboards for every team member, enhancing visibility and productivity.


Task Management Tool

Streamline task allocation, tracking, and completion with a comprehensive task management tool.


E-File Directory License, Audit, Office Files, Crew Files with Reminder Notification of Expiration

Centralize and secure electronic files, with reminders for license, audit, office, and crew files to ensure compliance.


Accounting Module

Manage financial transactions seamlessly with a dedicated accounting module.


Backup Log

Prioritize data integrity with regular system backups, ensuring the security of your valuable information.

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