Online procurement system for restaurants Bazarwala

Our online procurement system is a culinary game-changer, designed to simplify your operations and delight your customers. Discover the ease of managing your restaurant's inventory with our comprehensive product catalog.

core features .


Product Catalog

Explore a curated product catalog featuring a diverse range of items. Find and select products with ease to meet your organization's procurement needs.


Client Registration

Simplify onboarding with an intuitive client registration process. Enable clients to create accounts effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement experience.


Approve Self-Signed Up Users

Maintain control over user access with an approval system for self-signed up users. Ensure security and accountability in user registration.


Purchase Manager Dashboard

Empower purchase managers with a dedicated dashboard. Streamline procurement decisions, track orders, and manage supplier relationships with ease.


Delivery Manager Dashboard

Enhance logistics management with a dashboard specifically designed for delivery managers. Monitor and optimize delivery schedules for efficient procurement processes.


Account and Collection Manager Dashboard

Streamline financial management with a dashboard for account and collection managers. Track payments, manage accounts, and ensure smooth financial transactions.


Data Entry Operator Dashboard

Facilitate accurate data entry with a specialized dashboard for operators. Ensure precision in recording and managing procurement data.


Super Admin Dashboard

Centralize control and oversight with the Super Admin Dashboard. Monitor and manage all aspects of the procurement system for optimal performance.


Accounting Module

Ensure financial integrity with a robust accounting module. Track expenses, manage budgets, and generate financial reports seamlessly


Order Management Module

Streamline order processing with a dedicated module. Manage orders, track deliveries, and ensure timely fulfillment of procurement requests.


System User Management

Simplify user administration with a comprehensive system user management feature. Control access levels, permissions, and roles with ease.


Activity Log

Keep a detailed record of all activities within the system. Monitor user actions, changes, and updates for enhanced security and accountability.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Cultivate strong relationships with suppliers and clients using the CRM feature. Manage communications, track interactions, and enhance collaboration.

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