Service management system for BTL-Disinfectant

A service management system is a software solution that enables organizations to efficiently manage and oversee their service-related operations.

core features .


User Registration via Email

Seamlessly onboard users by allowing registration via email. Provide a user-friendly experience to clients, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to the service management system.


Service Info/Client Info

Centralize service and client information for easy access and management. Maintain a comprehensive database that includes details about services, clients, and their service history.


Notification Email Before Expiration

Ensure timely actions with automated notification emails sent before the expiration of services. Keep both clients and administrators informed and up-to-date.


Checking Service Status via Tracking Code in the Front End

Empower clients to independently check the status of their service using a unique tracking code on the front end. Enhance transparency and user engagement.


Sales Track Details

Keep a detailed record of sales transactions. Track important details such as date, service type, and client information to facilitate effective management.


Remarks on Track & Remarks History

Enhance communication and collaboration with a remarks system. Allow users to add remarks on tracks, and maintain a comprehensive history of remarks for reference.


Data Chat System

Facilitate real-time communication and collaboration with a built-in chat system. Improve responsiveness and ensure seamless interaction between users.


Last 2 Months' Sales Track Bar Chart

Visualize sales data with a bar chart displaying the last two months' performance. Gain quick insights into trends and patterns for informed decision-making.


Search Filtering on Sales Data with PDF+Excel Report

Streamline data retrieval with search filtering options on sales data. Generate detailed PDF and Excel reports to analyze and share relevant information.


Notification System on the Dashboard Before the Follow-Up Date

Implement a proactive notification system on the dashboard to remind users of upcoming follow-up dates. Enhance customer engagement and service management efficiency.

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