Learning Management System for Southern University

Our gateway to a modern and efficient approach to education. Our LMS is designed to empower both educators and learners with a range of features that make the learning experience seamless and engaging.

core features .


Subject Setup

Customize your learning environment with ease using our Subject Setup feature. Tailor the content to match your curriculum and educational goals effortlessly.


Password Change from Super Admin

Enhance security and control with the ability for Super Admins to change passwords. This feature ensures a secure learning environment for all users.


Check Duration

Maintain control over assessments and exams with the Check Duration feature. Set time limits for quizzes and exams to ensure fair and consistent evaluation.


Create an Account for the User

Simplify onboarding for both educators and students by allowing Super Admins to create user accounts. Expedite the process and get everyone started on their learning journey promptly.


Auto Approve Registration

Streamline the registration process by implementing Auto Approve Registration. Reduce administrative overhead and let users access the platform quickly.


Payment Method

Facilitate a smooth payment process for course enrollments with multiple Payment Method options. Choose from a variety of payment gateways to accommodate your users' preferences

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